One Air Group Alliance Welcomes You!

The Alliance that Grows With you

Not all alliances offer what OAG does. The One Air Group has no entry requirements because it is our mission to make everyone feel welcome. Members can grow their airline, socialize with members, and have simply fun. We have competitive alliances to help higher level airlines thrive by lowering their expenses, while our other alliances grow with the airline, helping them expand. Unite, socialize, and grow. One Air Group is the alliance for you.

Our Mission

At One Air Group, we are accepting of every CEO and every airline. Therefore, there will always be at least one OAG alliance that does not have any entry requirements. One Air Group will try to provide resources for its members to help them grow to full fledged gold star airlines, while trying to maintain a pleasant environment for everyone. Gold Airlines receive benefits from OAG by earning constant 10% discounts on aircraft.

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The One Air Group is dedicated to helping you, and joining us can benefit your airline! If you want to join, please join our discord server

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