Bonus System

To keep the bonus income system clear and simple, this table doesn’t take into account the total bonuses granted by all your employees but those granted per 500 employees. However, each employee does generate a number of points. As indicated, agency workers and recruits don’t generate any bonus, entry-level employees generate few bonuses in one bonus category; professionals generate a certain bonus proportion in 2 different bonus category; and managers generate a lot of bonuses in the 3 bonus categories of the department.

The “characteristic A” represents the principal bonus granted by a training. This bonus is the most affected by the training. The “characteristic B” represents the second bonus granted by a training. In the case of professionals, A and B categories grant the same bonus amount. The “characteristic C” represents the third bonus granted by a training, this category will be the least affected bonus category. In the case of entry-level students for example, only one bonus category is affected by a training.

The only characteristic represented is the “characteristic A” . In the “Airport Operations” department, bonus points will be granted to “Punctuality” , “Safety” and “Expenses” characteristics. At the entry level, a “+” symbol is shown next to the characteristic that will be affected by the employee’s training. For example: the employee shown above indicates “Safety +” , this corresponds to the characteristic A