Quick Start

If you are in the very beginning and haven't donated a lot of money, you might consider starting anew to do the possible best you might've missed with your current airline.

First, when creating new airline, use game website instead of mobile app. It will give you possibility to choose secretary name and appearence, but foremost it won't force you to purchase unneeded route and plane. Just select short tutorial.

Here are the links for Tycoon and Professional game modes.

There are few key points in starting new airline.

Obvious one is choosing your starting hub. Most of us started with our real-life "home" airport, or choosed one without any knowledge of game mechanics. I'll do detailed explaination on hubs in my next article, but for most people African hub MPM in Mozambique will be the right choice. If it doesn't feel like your cup of tea always choose one of the most expensive ones, as you get this one for free, and pricier the hub is, higher demand it'll have.

Another important thing is gaining Research Points, or R$. First week in game is the only moment when you can get a lot of them quickly. Game gives you two cheap ColaBoosts at the start and next day after you buy first one. First one will expiry in 4 days, so in that time you should research your conversion rate to maximum of 40M/day.


So we've created brand new airline. What do we do?

Go to research, and start any research on any Service. It'll take you an hour.


In a meanwhile, go to the bank and take express loan. I was lucky enough to get at almost best rate possible.


Lease an aircraft, the cheapest one for the shortest term. I think it's Jetstream-41 / Bae Systems for $315,000. Check Workshop for free gifts. Open your Card Wallet. Watch ads and play your allowance in Slot Cockpit. It's generally 20 games, but if some event is going on, it might be 40. That was my case. If you are ad-tolerant, you can buy extension in workshop, giving you 50 more games a day. Those winnings are very helpful in early game.


DO NOT run the wheel, unless agenda says you so. NEVER EVER spend AM coins to speed up things. Those are needed to buy airplane licenses.

Donation Time

Somewhere at this point you'll receive first Promotional Offer.


Believe me or not those $10 worth every penny. You'll never again be able to spend money in game more efficiently. After purchasing first one, you'll receive one more Offer, slightly more expensive and with slightly better rewards. There is a trick. Offer first appears in packs, but if you buy it there and close window, you'll get full screen promotion for same offer. You can buy it second time there. It'll take your money, but won't give you rewards. But you can write to Playrion support about this issue, and they'll send you redeem code for that.

Another thing is AM Gold subscription.


Though generally useless, first month is discounted and offered to you at about $2. It'll give you either $350M or R$350M. Don't buy it on the first day of the month, so you can get two rewards with it - this month and next one. And don't forget to cancel subscription. Sometimes AM Gold is gifted for free, so you might want to wait before buying it.

I believe those donations are the only that worth in this game, just because early on they'll allow you to build a good income.

Next steps

After your first research is done is the time to research airplane you are going to operate. If your choice is classic aircraft like 747-200B, just skip this part (though you'll need to donate to get enough coins). I'll start with Il-93-300, so I'll carry those researches. It'll take me 8 hours to complete. Plan your time ahead and leave longest researches to carry overnight.

Purchase your first circuit. For me in MPM with Il-96-300 it'll be BOM CGK BKK CAN HKG PEK PVG in that exact order, as shorter routes depletes subsidy less.

Do your agenda, schedule gifted A330-300 to some route.


You can see that there is not enough demand in business and first class, so we need to reconfigure seats.


Adjust prices on this route to audit values. Other tasks are pretty self-explaining. Just one more tip, when taking Financial Markets Loan, always set expected turnover to $1, that will boost your rating really fast.


My first day ends with completed single service, 4 lab researches, 3 researches in Airplane category and Il-96-300 being researched while I'm asleep.

Next day, again, DO NOT run the wheel, unless agenda says you so. I've ordered 9 Il-96-300 and continue research in General. First tier I do bank and 4 audit discounts.

At the end of day 3 I was out of R$. Shouldn't be the case if you've bought AM gold and it granted you R$350M, but I was forced to buy R$ in workshop using my TC. Right at the end of day 4 I have all my laboratory researches done. So I've bought first Cola Boost. Next day after purchasing first Cola, you get second one. Buy it as well.


And finally, what all that was for. 1:7.99 conversion rate.


It'll run for 5 days, giving you R$1.5B. That's enough for all services, main cargo and staff researches. And doing those will almost double demand on your routes.

Starter gifts:

Day Reward
1 A330-300
2 $ 30M
3 10 external audits
4 10 tickets
5 +20 games x 2 days
6 30 free simulations
7 R$ 5M
8 Boost cockpit (10% for 2d or less)
9 $15M/D x2 days
10 10 internal audits
11 EMB120
12 Bob's Toolbox
13 R&D rate +0.2%
14 R$ 20M
15 Cockpit
16 Tax Reduction
17 10 external audits
18 737-900ER