Structural Profit

Before taking a closer look at how the accounting works in Airlines Manager, you should clearly understand a major indicator of the game: the “Structural Profit“ aka SP.

The structural profit represents the actual profits of your airline and includes your rental fees, your loan repayments and your alliance taxes. It represents how much you can invest each day without risking to have your accounts in the red. It is also used to calculate the number of airline stars and your position in the ranking. For these two calculations, the average of structural profits over the last 7 days is used.

Your structural profit of the day before is calculated as follows:

Yesterday’s revenues (D-1) – yesterday’s payroll (D-1) – Maintenance costs (J-1) – weekly rental fees /7 – weekly loan repayments /7 – weekly alliance tax /7 – last deducted tax /7.

With concrete figures, it corresponds to:

$35,618,549 – $3,235,714 – $2,352,624 – $2,032,500 /7 – $46,565,458 /7 – $1,291,830 /7 – $9,618,162 /7 = $21,529,075