image.png Banks allow you to borrow money regularly to obtain new funds to invest in your airline. Using banks is highly recommended for airlines which want to make their profits grow quickly. You can unlock new banks via the General R&D. The more you have available banks, the more you will have means to borrow money.

List of banks

Each bank shows a series of information that allows you to estimate if it’s interesting or not to take out a loan today:

  • Interest rate: the interest rate depends mainly on the bank. Some banks have very low interest rates while others have much more important rates. The interest rate of each bank fluctuates every day, so it can be interesting to wait a few days before taking out a loan. The blue bar represents the current interest rate compared to the minimum and the maximum rates of the bank. The chart shows the rate’s fluctuation over the last seven days. image.png
  • Possible express loan: amount you can currently borrow with an express loan.
  • Possible financial markets loan: amount you can currently borrow with a financial markets loan.
  • Your current loans:
    • Express: total of the express loans you are currently repaying for this bank.
    • On financial markets: total of the financial markets loans you are repaying for this bank.