Agency Workers

image.png As soon as you purchase significant elements (hubs, routes and aircraft), staff called “agency workers” is automatically hired. The number of agency workers automatically hired depends on the element type you purchased, and on its specificity. For example, a long-haul aircraft purchase will require more staff than a short-haul aircraft, so you will have more agency workers if you purchase a long-haul aircraft. But agency workers are an expensive workforce…

Staff hiring will enable you to take advantage of your employees’ newly acquired skills while greatly reducing your costs. The “Agency workers penalty” indicates the salary percentage you could save by hiring permanently agency workers.The percentage of “current agency workers penalty” shown in general information represents how much money you can save by hiring employees instead of agency workers.

That’s why you can hire them permanently, which will enable you to save a lot of money in the long term!

To hire agency workers permanently, you have to go to the Hiring process page, in the menu on the left in Staff section. A label containing a “+” sign appears on the corresponding section to show that agency workers can be permanently hired.